Afternoon tea – An elegant and luxury pleasure of the British
June 5, 2018 Travel

“Afternoon tea” is a unique culture of the British people for centuries. This is an elegant and luxury pleasure of British.

“At half-past three, everything stops for tea” – That is the popular saying of people in “country of fog” when referring to afternoon tea.


The afternoon tea was initiated by Bedford’s seventh generation princess – Anna Russell in 1841. At that time, at 3 pm- 4pm, she was often hungry and tired. So, she prepared a teapot and enjoyed the cakes. From the personal preferences, gradually, the enjoyment of afternoon tea spread in the aristocracy later became ordinary people. Through the centuries, Afternoon tea became the unique cultural characteristics of the British.

The teapot of the British is usually made of porcelain, and there are elegant patterns in classic style, aristocratic. In addition, the cups and plates may be made of white ceramic with many luxury patterns.

To add flavor to the tea, people of “fog land” can add milk, milk cream, white or brown sugar into the tea according to the taste and hobby of each person. The British’s making tea rule is that each teapot will mix with 16gr tea for the best taste.

Afternoon tea is not just a cup of tea and a piece of cake. It is usually associated with form and manner of drinking tea. It will include a delicious teapot, tea filter, honey clock, sugar, jam, a cake tower.

If you have the opportunity to visit England, do not miss the afternoon tea here. This culture is spreading vigorously to many other countries in the world and becomes a unique and luxury pleasure.

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