Kim Kardashian is full of hope after meeting President Trump
June 5, 2018 Recreation

Kim Kardashian – a reality star met President Trump on last 30 May to discuss the pardoning of a 65-year-old woman, who is serving a life sentence for a first time nonviolent drug offense – Ms. Alice Johnson, so how did the meeting go?

On 30 May afternoon, Kim Kardashian – a reality television star made the media and social networking a wave when she met President Trump in the Oval Office, the White House. She said that she has discussed the issue of prison reform and pleaded pardons for Alice Marie Johnson a-65-year-old woman who is serving a life sentence for drug trafficking.

She had to work with Jared Kushner – a senior counselor and also son-in-law of Mr. Trump for months before the meeting.

After the meeting, Kim Kardashian said to Mic – a reporter in an exclusive interview that she thought that President Trump really spent the time to listen to their case that they were making for Alice. She also told Mic that Mr. Trump really understood and she is very hopeful that this will turn out really positively.

Johnson was sentenced to life in prison in 1997 because of her involvement in a drug trafficking which is based out of Memphis. Before turned to the crime, Johnson had no prior offenses and she was dealing with tragedies like her son dying. Kardashian has been aware of Johnson case through another Mic video which is showed up on her Twitter timeline. And she decided to help Johnson because she believes in family that Johnson family was torn apart by her choices 21 years ago.

She knows that when the appellate judges and the US Supreme Court have rejected the appeals of Ms. Alice, to help her to be pardoned, Alice needs to be granted clemency by the President. And this is the reason why Kim Kardashian wants to have an appointment with President Trump in the White House.

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