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Bill Bull comedian – Profile, Wife, and Daughter
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I. Introduction:

Bill Bull

Bill Burr is a successful man when he works in the entertainment industry. His success life based on the stand-up comedy and build up career. With his undeniable success and a lot of years working in the field of acting and comedy, Bill Burr has gathered a series of enormous achievements. He has appeared in a lot of television programs as a famous stand-up comedian. He has introduced at least 5 comedy albums also.

About his long-term career as a successful comedian, he has been active from 1998 up to now on television. Now he is still doing his job good at this time. To say that, there is no limit about what this man can do. From being a stand-alone comedian to be able to involve in a video game. In fact, he has also been available in Grand Auto video game, which generated him a lucky star. In a nutshell, it is just very little things left that this man has not completed yet.

As a great honor, He has already been labeled “the unquestioned heavyweight champ of rage-fueled humor”, Rolling Stone said. For the most important highlight in Bill Burr life, he has been mentioned in the list of top millionaires from the most well-known magazine around the world – Forbes magazine. The Forbes has estimated Bill Burr’s net worth to be approximately $6 million. However, his property could become bigger and bigger. The fact that his age is just 49 years old. He still maintains his existing influences in the comedy industry and still be able to contribute a lot.

II. Bill Burr timeline:

Bill Burr timeline

Burr’s full name is William Frederic Burr on June 10, 1968, in Canton, Massachusetts. His parent is Linda Ann (née Wigent), a nurse, and Robert Edmund Burr, a dentist. He is a blood mixture of German, Irish and French. The first job of Bill Burr is that he used to work for his father as a dental hygienist. But he just worked for a certain period. In addition, he graduated from the high school in 1987. Subsequently joined in Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, where he finished his BA in radio in 1993. Notably, before finishing his studying period, he used to wish to become a lawyer. In the second year, he actually switched his target to go to construction sector.

A year before going out of the college, Burr had a career as a comedian. However, before beginning his job as a comedian, Bill used to unload trucks in some warehouses.

In 1995, Bill Burr came back to the New York city to actively pursue his career. However, his career was not a popular job until the late 2000s. After years, he introduced his podcast in 2007 and started with a certain amount of other podcasts from The Joe Rogan Experience to The Adam Carolla Show.

In 2008, Burr sent his voice to the action-adventure video game named Grand Theft Auto IV. His voice is for character Jason Michaels of the biker gang The Lost MC in the task “No Love Lost.”

Burr gradually built his own reputation by himself among the US stand-up comedy circuit. Finally, he has been described as a “comedian’s comedian.” He has contributed his talent in a series of films such as The Heat (2013), Date Night and so on

1. Bill Burr personal information:

Several facts about Bill Burr:

Bill Burr Height: 178 cm

Bill Burr Net Wealth: $6 Million

He has a license to be able to drive a helicopter.

His zodiac sign is Gemini and then he became the 359th well-known celebrity with the similar zodiac sign.

2. Bill Burr Wife/Girlfriend: Nia Renee Hill

 Bill Burr Wife

Bill Burr fell in love with a dark-skin woman named Nia Renee Hill, who does not relate much in the entertainment business – not like Bill Burr. After several years of dating, the couple held their wedding in 2013.

Nia Renee Hill’s birthday was on June 2, 1969, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents divorced when she was a child. As a result, she had to suffer from disjunction. And she had to spend her time growing up beside her mom elsewhere, as well as with her dad living in Los Angeles.

Nia is a writer, actress, and filmmaker. She has occurred in the TV film Divorce named A Love Story (2013), Long Distance, TV series Lila, Leslie, and Santa Clara Diet (2017). Otherwise, she also contributed a short part to the short film called “Did You Look for Work This Week?”.

On the other hand, behind-the-scenes, Burr’s wife, Nia, she worked on the TV Series, The Education of Max Bickford as a casting assistant. Chappelle’s Show as a talent coordinator. And a costume as well as wardrobe contributor on Pizzazz: Where’s My Movie? (2014).

One day, she officially met Burr while she was participating in a comedy show. After a couple of days, they fall in love with each other. After a period, they decided to move together into Los Angeles. That period was right before the moment that Burr got his breakthrough and decided to stand alone with his own acting career.

3. Nia’s career:

Nia’s career

As a writer, Nia had also created a series of blogs, most of her well-known blogs may be the Blog XOJane, a women’s lifestyle and community site. Notably, in one of her papers titled “I’m A Black Woman Who Dates White Guys”, Nia noted some of her advice for those in interracial relationships. Of course, it had a link between her and Bill Burr.

She also talked about her inner disappointment. She realized that it was not equal when she compared herself towards her husband’s financial contributions to the family. “As ambitious as I am, I am very lazy,” she wrote.

On the other hand, she also confessed her true feeling that she felt really scared of failure. It was much easier to switch into a spoiled housewife rather than waking up every day and face with possible failures. However, she cannot be like that anymore. She thought that it was totally not herself. It may take several years, but she truly wanted to have the same financial contribution as my husband in her household. She tried to make her dream come true. Not being one in the previous few years has depressed her and created an imbalance in her relationship.

Nia has been a frequent guest on her Bill Burr’s podcast for a long time where they both argue about the typical situations in their own lives. After years of marrying, Bill and Nia finally had their own little present…

4. Bill Burr Daughter/Kids: Lola Burr

Bill Burr Daughter

The result of Bill and Nia relationship may be Lola – Bill Burr daughter. Actually, Bill and his wife Nia greeted their very first kid named Lola. Bill Burr daughter’s birthday was on 20th of January 2017. The pictures of Bill Burr daughter had appeared on Instagram of Nia. She posted them to emphasize this special day. Some days after becoming a father, Burr came to the Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show to talk about fatherhood after becoming a dad. He said a joke about how he was not ready for handling this big responsibility. And also the way he nearly eloped after Hill entered into labor.

To know more about Bill Burr daughter, or to know more about how Bill Burr daughter built the new feeling upon her father. Let’s hear what Bill Burr said in this show. It is also necessary to emphasize that from spanking to yelling at other peoples’ kids, Bill Burr does not hesitate to take a controversial stance on anything. Especially when he had to take care of his wife as well as his kid afterward.

On a Tuesday night’s airing of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the 50-year-old comedian was back at it with his latest advice for parents. It is: let’s stop pretending that they have changed a lot after having kids.

5. Bill Burr’ s complicated thoughts:

Bill Burr’ s complicated thoughts

Bill Burr mentioned that he does not like those people who have children and then they change their personality. Because Bill Burr daughter did not make him change himself. In addition, he also noted that those people simulate they were not this guy who did keg stands and head home while being drunk or whatever.

After that, the host of the show named Meyers gives a question to Burr that if his new findings (since he used to say that he was thinking of returning to the church again) was a consequence of becoming a father. Burr answered that he never had that kind of moments like the host mentioned. He would not become somebody who is not similar himself.

However, no matter how offensive out-there the stand-up comedian’s opinions can become, there is one aspect of parenting that Burr could agree with other dads. That is to protect their daughters. What he calls is that the stupid joy that comes with the life balancing, full of fear, and worries which happens at the moment you become a father. It can say that, Bill Burr daughter has made Bill’s life become more colorful.

When Bill Burr daughter came to their life, Burr was 48 years old, and Bill Burr daughter was nearly two years old. Bill also noted that he had prepared this for almost 30 years to make sure that his wife did not marry a jerk…


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