Donald Trump April Fools’ Jokes That You Should Prepare Yourself For

April 1st is known as a special day for people around the world to trick their friends or family with jokes. We all have different topics for our jokes. However, let’s talk about the main topic for this April Fool’s jokes – Donald Trump.

The fact that Donald J. Trump became a target for pranking on every year’s April Fools is no surprise to us. We even have a list of Donald Trump April Fools jokes to help you not being had. But before that,

Let’s review some laughable jokes about him that actually happened.

  1. No, a one-on-one debate between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz never happened

In 2016’s April Fools, Ted Cruz had tweeted news that Donald Trump had agreed to accept his challenge to debate one-on-one. This relates to a “contest for which Cruz has been agitating for months. At the end of the post, he linked a Youtube video as a proof.

As it turned out, the link leads to the YouTube video meme – “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. This joke is never too old even in the year 2016!

let’s review some laughable jokes about him that actually happened

  1. All the news saying that Trump revealed his parents as Mexican was completely wrong!

A Facebook post by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich that went viral later, claims a shocking news: Donald Trump was born in Tijuana to Mexican citizens! LMAO! An incredible number of Facebook comments showed that lots of people believed this post!

  1. Rand Paul is endorsing Donald Trump today? Totally a typical Donald Trump April Fools joke!

On Twitter, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul introduced a “major endorsement announcement” coming on April 1st. The announcement, as stated by Rand Paul, would be “YUGE”. Later on Friday morning, he admitted it was just a prank for April Fool and that he was just celebrating April Fools Endorsing Entropy.

In the meantime, Paul has previously said his words to support the eventual GOP nominee, even if the candidate is Donald Trump or not. So, a “yuge” endorsement announcement may actually happen in Paul’s future. You will never know!

Rand Paul is endorsing Donald Trump today? Totally a typical Donald Trump April Fools joke

  1. A Trump drink set to hit the shelves? Never gonna happen.

The company that produces Carabao Energy Drink announced they were working on and about to introduce a “mandarin orange” flavor drink to match Donald Trump’s famous skin tone. Many people could have believed this Donald Trump April Fools joke if it wasn’t posted on April 1st.

Now that you’ve acknowledge these typical and laughable jokes about Donald Trump, let us show you a list of “potential” Donald Trump jokes for you to use in the upcoming April Fools. We ensure that after hearing them, your friends or family will fall right into the trick because they make so much sense! Besides, there could be no end for Donald Trump April Fools jokes anyway. These are the true jokes in a world with a leader who’s always telling lies. Now it’s time to dig in and have a good laugh in your next April Fools!

Some suggestions for Donald Trump April fools

Some suggestions for Donald Trump April fools

Number 1: “Hey man! Did you hear President Trump insisted, against all visual evidence, his inaugural address was attended by more citizens than Barack Obama’s?”

Number 2: “Did you know American evangelicals support Donald Trump by a huge margin, forgiving his infidelities, duplicities, bullying, name-calling, lying, and malevolent incompetence? And that fellow evangelicals like columnist Michael Gerson think they’ve been conned into betraying Christianity?”

Number 3: “Did you know a cadre of Donald Trump’s former friends will leak his tax returns at the same time as his DNA test, displaying his mixed African-American and Native American ancestry? And that these two tests together will reveal the depths of his nonstop swindling and orange skin tone?

Still not funny enough? Let’s consider more jokes below, short yet still funny enough:

Number 4: “Hey! Did you know Donald Trump recently replied to the question, ‘What has been your most fatal mistake?’ with “Running for president!’”

Number 5: “Did you know American prosperity was emerging on almost every fronts ever since Donald Trump was declared “American carnage” in his inaugural address?”