Black Mushroom Diablo 3 – How to Get it?

Black Mushroom Diablo 3 – How to Get it?

What do you know about Black Mushroom Diablo 3? What is it? How to get it? Is it necessary? And so on.

If you used to play the first version of Diablo, you definitively know the task that Adria, the Witch, asked to give her black mushrooms from the lava caves under the cathedral in Tristram.

However, is it similar when enjoying Diablo 3? Down here to know now!

1. Black Mushroom Diablo 3

The Black Mushroom can be seen in Level 1 of the Cathedral in Act I. This item looks like a group of large mushrooms and is placed in a room that is approximately square with two doors. To determine it, you need to look at the map! Can you see the doors on the bottom right and left? If yes, enter it to lead to the same hall.

Additionally, you should notice the layout of the Cathedral since it’s randomly created. Plus, the room that the mushrooms appear is not always created in the layout. In case you cannot see this room, please leave the game and start again. Since you might spend a lot of time on finding the room, make sure you are patient enough to perform.

However, if you want to make everything easier, it’s best to level up your character and then replay Act I on Normal mode. Relying on that, you don’t face up to evil monsters. Let’s begin a new game on the third quest, called A Shattered Crown, and teleport to the Cathedral Garden. After that, move towards Leoric’s Passage and turn back up the stairs into the Cathedral in Level 1.

Although you need to repeat this action for a couple of times to discover the Black Mushroom in the center of the room, it will be shorter.

2. Other items to find in Diablo 3

Aside from getting the Black Mushroom Diablo 3, there are other items that you need to collect for crafting the Staff of Herding.

Leoric’s Shinbone

Leoric’s Shinbone can be found in one of the rooms of Leoric’s Manor, which is in front of the door to the Halls of Agony Level 1 in Act 1. Although this item is easy to miss, if following our suggestion, you can find it instantly.

Whenever entering the interior of Leoric’s Manor, you need to discover the northern room. It’s best to avail an in-game map to examine your direction. Then, the room in the “top-right” of the stair is the one you’re looking.

Enter the room and find wood in a fireplace! Just click on it, and you will have Leoric’s Shinbone.

Liquid Rainbow

Finding the Liquid Rainbow in Diablo 3 is actually not an easy job since you need to come to Act 2 successfully.

Start entering the map Dahlgur Oasis, discover the very southern edge and search for a group of unstable houses that indicates the “border” of the south map edge! In this case, you have to eliminate opponents around Zaven, the Alchemist, so that he opens the entrance to a dungeon, called the Mysterious Cave.

Right after coming in the first floor of the cave, you will catch a mysterious chest. Open it, and then the Liquid Rainbow will appear.

Wirt’s Bell

Do you remember a one-legged boy Wirt from Diablo 1? If yes, you will be excited to know that you can possess his bell.

Just look for a girl name Squirt in Act II, who is a merchant in Caldeum Bazaar or at the Hidden Camp (further in Act II). You can find the Wirt’s Bell in the “Miscellaneous” tab and buy it with the price of 100,000 gold.

Gibbering Gemstone

Aside from the Liquid Rainbow, the Gibbering Gemstone is the second hardest item to find in Diablo 3. But, if you’re in luck, you can get it in ACT III.

Let’s move towards “The Bridge of Korsikk” waypoint and then head to the Fields of Slaughter. In the south-east or north-west area, you will see Caverns of Frost (avoid mistaking with Icefall Caves). After that, go down to the second level and search for an elite boss, named Chiltara, who spawns randomly and releases the Gibbering Gemstone.

But, in case you cannot catch it on the first try, just exit the game, replay the quest and pray that you can find the boss again.

3. Conclusion

Now, you know where and how to get Black Mushroom Diablo 3, don’t you? Just follow our guidelines carefully, and everything will become easy.

Of course, don’t miss searching for other items to help you finish the BIG quest in this game. Play now and good luck to you!